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Bruce Genck
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Brand:  Young Chang

Model:  G-150

Size:  4' 11"

Age:  22 yrs.

Style:  Traditional  

Finish:  Ebony satin.

Cond:  Excellent.

Sales #:  73584

Price:  $4900.

Description:  This beautiful baby grand was just cleaned, tuned, voiced, and had a brand new climate control system installed.  That's a $1000. of extra value thrown in.  I have serviced this piano since being purchased, and the seller has been very regular with maintenance ever since.  If you want a smaller grand to fit a tight space, and want to stick with a lower budget...this is it!  Looks like it just came from the showroom.  Great sound for a smaller grand.  Brand new retail price today is approx. $13,000.!  This one can be yours for just $4900.!!!

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