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Bruce Genck
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Welcome to my used piano showroom, where I bring buyers and sellers together as a top quality used piano broker for the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.  Here you'll see premium grands and uprights for sale in a variety of brands, styles, and finishes.....and often for half the price of new.  It's an easy no pressure way to shop for a well maintained used piano at a great price!  Just scroll down the page to view all the pianos available, then contact me for further details, questions, or purchasing information.  Let my vast experience and highest level of integrity help you find the right piano to fit your needs and your budget.

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Brand:  Yamaha

Model:  G1

Size:  5' 3"

Age:  34 yrs.

Style:  Traditional  

Finish:  Satin walnut.

Cond:  Very good.

Sales #:  J3340189

Price:  $5700.

Description:  Yamaha's have always been good pianos, and this one is a gem.  Just cleaned, tuned, and voiced for a clean seasoned sound in a baby grand.  Plus, you get the wonderful Yamaha touch which is very responsive.  You don't see many walnut pianos anymore because of the premium cost, so this one is a rare find.  It looks, plays, and sounds great.  A new piano like this will cost at least 3X as much, making this one a tremendous value!

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Brand:  Kawai

Model:  GE-1

Size:  5' 1"

Age:  23 yrs.

Style:  Traditional  

Finish:  Ebony satin.

Cond:  Very good.

Sales #:  1976223

Price:  $5900.

Description:  This is another well cared for baby grand that I've serviced ever since the seller purchased it back in 92.  They have been very regular with service, and the piano also has a climate control system in it to preserve/protect.  A comparable new piano like this will cost over $12,000., so the value is apparent. Very little use on this one over the years which makes the value even better.  Great size for most living rooms too!    

Contact Info:  Call Bruce at 952-926-3970 or


Brand:  Young Chang

Model:  G-150

Size:  4' 11"

Age:  22 yrs.

Style:  Traditional  

Finish:  Ebony satin.

Cond:  Excellent.

Sales #:  73584

Price:  $4900.

Description:  This beautiful baby grand was just cleaned, tuned, voiced, and had a brand new climate control system installed.  That's a $1000. of extra value thrown in.  I have serviced this piano since being purchased, and the seller has been very regular with maintenance ever since.  If you want a smaller grand to fit a tight space, and want to stick with a lower budget...this is it!  Looks like it just came from the showroom.  

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Brand:  Steinway

Model:  L

Size:  5' 11"

Age:  42 yrs.

Style:  Traditional  

Finish:  Ebony satin.

Cond:  Very good.

Sales #:  434953

Price:  Was $32,500.
Just reduced to $29,500.  
Save $3000.!

Description:  This highly coveted Steinway size just came on the market. It's a one owner piano in very good condition throughout including a finish that still looks new.  It has been well maintained by an experienced professional technician.  Typical aged Steinway sound with rich powerful bass, defining mid range, and sweet treble.  Why pay $70K for a new one when you can have this high quality seasoned instrument for a motivated sellig price of just $29,500.  Call today to arrange for a private showing.  

Contact Info:  Call Bruce at 952-926-3970 or